“Eating a rainbow” helps your body get a complete range of nutrients.

What does it mean to eat a rainbow?

  • Choosing a variety of different-colored whole foods throughout the day and week.
  • The more naturally occurring colors on your plate at each meal or snack, the better.

The Child Nutrition Department provides a rainbow of produce choices. Try something new this month!


Got Food Allergies?

Did you know that the Child Nutrition Department can make meal accommodations for students with food allergies. Download the Meal Accommodation form from the Child Nutrition website and have your physician complete for special dietary requirements.

***Allergen information for existing menu items can be found on the “menu” page of the Child Nutrition website***

A well-nourished child who starts the day with breakfast is more likely to be at school, a better learner, and willing to participate in the classroom. Come join us for breakfast at the following elementary schools: Arroyo, Berylwood, Big Springs, Crestview, Knolls, Madera, Mountain View, Park View, Santa Susanna, Sycamore, and White Oak.

Breakfast is available every morning at all Middle and High Schools! Fuel Up!





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